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An Afternoon at Burke Williams

burke-williamsBurke Williams opened their Danville spa location last fall. Pinkies Nail Salons owners, Derik Landry and Connie Kullberg, recently visited the spa incognito to see what all the excitement was  about.

The spa takes up the entire second floor of the main building at the newly opened Rose Garden Center in Danville, Ca and is beautifully decorated Candice Olson style (for you HGTV lovers). The main lounge and waiting area is refreshing and airy with a coastal feel . Plush sofas, chairs, and ottomans are so inviting we could have lingered for hours in our fluffy spa robes. The room is filled with a thoughtful collection of beauty products in all price ranges.

Both Men’s and Ladies lounges are well appointed with an oversized jacuzzi, stream room, dry sauna, and relaxation areas decorated with the by-the-sea theme. The spa attendants were exceptional, offering eucalyptus spray for the steambath, foaming and fragrant Juniper oil for th jacuzzi, sliced cucumbers for eyes, and a deliciously refreshing lemon/orange aid. Give yourself a treat, linger a little longer, and enjoy all the amenities of the spa even if you are only in for a massage.

Massages are performed in comfortable treatment rooms by well trained therapists. The rooms are not filled with clutter and are large enough that the therapists are not crashing into things or bumping the tables during treatments. The therapists also put your robe in a warmer during your treatment so it’s toasty warm and soothing for your short stroll back the the lounge.

On the way out we stopped to meet the new General Manager, Danica Amstadt. Danica was promoted to Danville from Burke Williams Torrance location and is loving it here in Northern California. She appreciates our outdoors and beautiful surrounding of the Diablo Valley. We were really impressed by Danica’s warm and friendly demeanor…she’s a great fit for Danville.

Make no mistake, Burke Williams is a top notch spa and worth the visit. You can reach the spa by calling 925-362-0104 or on-line at .