Girl, Look at those JEGGS!

Jeggs. Comfortable, affordable, and perfect to have during the holiday season as you see your waistline (inevitably) grow from all the delicious pumpkin pie, and desert cocktails. Don’t worry, no one is judging, it happens to everyone and there is a simple answer to the problem: jeggings.

What exactly are “jeggs” you may ask. Phonetically, the word comes from “jeans” and “leggings” which is exactly what this new fashion staple consists of. Jeggs appear as though they are jeans, with back pockets, zippers, and everything you would imagineĀ  but actually feel and stretch like a pair of leggings. Jeggs- stretchy and classy. No longer are sweatpantsĀ  the only comfortable article of clothing in your closet between Christmas and January 1st. Jeggings are saving people from being on the “frumpy” list all over the globe.

Jeggings come in a variety of different patterns: jean, velvet, stretchy cotton, and even… corduroy. Yes, we said it corduroy is back in. Below, is a picture of the one and only corduroy jeggs:

Hue Jeggings in Brown Corduroy

At only $34 a pair, this is a deal that will keep me saying “make sure you upload that picture to facebook!”


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