Feather Frocks!

Feathers have always had a sort of come and go presence in fashion culture but, perhaps due in part to the smashing success of movies like “Black Swan,” they are definitely back in style! Since feathers are extremely transitional from summer to fall, feathers garments are always a wise investment despite their usually rather large price tags. The key to making them work is knowing when to say when with your fashion jewelry.

While feathers are also trending in the jewelry department, we must remember to never pair feather accessories with feather clothing! It seems like a no brainer, but I believe we all have seen some major fashion faux pas! People would most likely just roll their eyes and think, “We get it. You love feathers.” Basically, don’t turn them into a gimmick.

A good rule of thumb when ‘featherizing’ is to note the boldness or delicateness of the feathers in your garment. If they are large and in charge, go with evening jewelry that follows suit; chunky pendants and sturdy chains will turn up the edge factor without going overboard.

If your garments feature wispy, bohemian feathers, you really want evening jewelry that is sweetly feminine with a slight delicate structure. Small beads will look absolutely precious paired with airy ostrich feathers. Rhinestones will work great as well, but just make sure they are set into a pave style. This will create a dazzling sparkle without extra bulk. Happy featherizing ladies!

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