Moving to the Middle!

Goodbye mini skirts! See you next summer maxis. Yes ladies, the current state of fashion frocks has a midi state of mind. Midi skirts have been long and rather misguidedly been regarded as a style of dress for the conservative set and this is certainly no longer the case. While midis can surely still help when dressing for church or Sunday brunch, they are indeed experiencing a sort of revival (a la the Dior ‘New Look’ of the 1920s) and have been featured on the fall runways for Rebecca Taylor and Louis Vuitton as well as on stylish celebs like Diane Kruger and Keira Knightly.

A common fear of the midi is that it is an unflattering length on some ladies (like myself) who are on the shorter side. This misconception can be easily fixed if we just follow a few simple rules when accessorizing our new favorite skirt style. Adding a belt will easily break the outfit up and make you look more proportional and even a simple addition of chunky heels or oxfords will give you a slight lift.

As for the midi being too refined looking, the conservative length can be given a bit of an edge if we go very casual on top. Loose fitting tee shirts or sheer, flowing blouses look great and keep it simple, comfortable, and chic. Or go for the serious trend factor of pairing your midi with a large hat and oversize shades for an uptown, modern vibe.

Accessorizing the midi skirt should be kept simple as well—a long necklace or statement ring really do look best here. However, do feel free to jazz it up with some colors. The whole point here is to put a modern twist on an old classic!

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