Add a Bright Accent!

When you think of neon, your mind may immediately go back to a time when The Coreys, Poison and Aqua net ruled the world. Along with many other trends like acid washed jeans and big hair, the 80s definitely gave us some pretty daring looks that have come resurfaced over the past few years. What takes neon into truly modern territory though; is a definite “less is more” approach.

Pulling off some neon is all about the accessories–jewelry, watches, shoes, sunglasses, etc. Unlike large statement pieces, neon accessories are not meant to be the focal point of your outfit, but rather an accent that simply catches an eye or two. For example, an all over neon dress should stay about twenty years in the past! To be blunt, we don’t want too much volume or frequency with neon accents in any given outfit. Include no more than one to two small neon trimmings per look.

As for the rest of your outfit, try not to add too much other color. Pale shades and neutrals are ideal. If you require additional fashion jewelry (like most of us!), shiny metallics and enamels are your best bet. White enamel pieces in particular would add a little coolness to your get-up while neon keeps things hot and sassy. Since we are keeping our jewelry neutral, do feel free to play up the bright trend on your nails, it is an accent after all!

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