Summer Color Combos: Purple and Orange

Dare to be different in this ultra trendy new look for summer—purple and orange color combinations! Color blocking has long been looked to when you need to make a quick and easy fashion statement. However, the days of said trend being done in black and white or similarly safe colors seem to be over. This bold pairing is all over this summer’s fashion spreads as well as stylish celebrities throughout Hollywood. When done correctly, this fun and eye-catching trend is sure to make heads turn!

Orange on the top with purple on bottom seems to be the best option to balance these bold colors against each other. Try a purple silk or chiffon top with an A-line orange skirt for a look straight off the pages of Vogue, literally! If structured ensembles aren’t necessarily to your liking, try for a skirt with some pleats or ruching to make the look a bit more feminine.

Still not convinced? Worried that the combo is a bit too bold for your tastes? Fear not! You can still have your cake and eat it too. Simple statement accessories work very well here; try out some purple sandals or perhaps an orange belt for a pop of instant color.

The addition of accessories to this ensemble can really make it shine; with the given color palette, gold is the go-to color to combine with, making the outfit very opulent chic. Try to steer clear from colored pieces. Less is more when sporting this dynamic type of look. Happy accessorizing everyone!

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