Manicures Sparkle at the AMA’s

Backstreet is BACK and managed to get the closing act at last Sunday’s American Music Awards alongside (a much older looking) New Kids on the Block. Okay great- that’s fantastic but did anyone else notice the striking manicures that adorned more then one female performer? Let’s take a look at some of the nail trends set by these starlets:

Katy Perry, notorious for her color choices (remember when she wore hubby Russell Brand’s face on all 10 of her nails?!), went much safer with a bright red. Almost the same color as her body suit, which she pulled of effortlessly.

Miley also uses a dark red to draw attention to her nails. The color suited her performance which looked like it belonged in a Twilight movie.

Classic and clean, Fergie opted for a clear polish. Her dress makes a statement and the nails do not distract, good call Ms. Duhamel

Christina, welcome back to the spotlight! What better color choice then a red? I’m seeing a color trend…

Rihanna, our favorite “Shellacy” steered clear from the red color her friends went with and decided on a dark shade. Does anyone else think her hair looks incredible?!

There you have it, the dark colors are the happin’ color this winter season. We look forward to seeing you in Pinkies to make sure your nails look just like the stars!

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