Tapping into Kate’s Secrets

Kate Middleton is on her way to becoming the UK’s most adored fashion icon. Young, classy, beautiful, and engaged to the worlds most eligable bachelor, it should not be a surprise that she is already one of the most photographed women in Great Britian.

So what makes Kate’s wardrobe such a success?

Well, besides one gorgeous accessory (Prince William) Kate keeps her style looking crisp, clean, and effortless. Here are some of our favorite outfits:


Kate  never looks like she is trying too hard and that adds to her appeal. She looks approachable and confident, key to any woman’s style. Kate’s natural beauty shines through her clothing choices. No wonder she’s engaged to a bonafied Prince!

We wish the couple the best of luck– and of course offer our services for the royal wedding. Ms. Middleton, if you’re reading, we think shellac would look ideal on you.

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