Fashion Icon Gets the Shellac Attack

Buzz buzz.. Shellac is taking over the world. That’s right, you heard it here first because I am convinced! The gel polish that we all know and love (up to 14 days no chips and a mirror finish..yes please) is beginning to take over Hollywood.

The list keeps getting longer and longer with celebrities itching to try the hottest new accessory but the next celebrity to catch Shellac fever has cemented the polish in fashion books everywhere. Drum roll, please… 

Kate Moss, will you please stand up? Gone are the days of Pete Doherty and un flattering photos in compromising situations, the supermodel is back on top! Thank you, Kate for making a world of better choices. We think both your lifestyle and unmistakeably gorgeous manicure is fantastic.

Now the fun part, if I were to imagine the shellac color choice for Ms. Moss I would have to go with the dark Fedora. It is fall, after all, and the color would look stunning against her blonde locks.

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