Focus on Fall

The fall season brings about an aray of happy memories: changing leaves, brisk nights, halloween, and of course the distinct October sunlight.

This weekend, you guessed it, the Wall Street Journal provided us with a sneak peak of falls best colors. We never want our loyal fans to be out of the loop so we are providing you with a Pinkies perspective of falls most sought after nail colors.

First, Wall Street Journal suggests a cranberry red. Pinkies suggests OPI’s Suzi Says Da! as in DA this nail color look fab-u-lous. The rich red is reminiscent of the deep red leaves of an east coast maple tree.  The color looks great everywhere and with everything- casual or elegant.

Next up! The journal suggests a color that reflects the comfort of the sunlight. Drum roll, please… why don’t you go with Essie “Mambo.” Note: this soft orangish red will keep you dancing all the way into December.

Third times a charm and its suggested we try an earth tone green. We’ve got just the match- howz about “Here Today Aragon Tomorrow.” Gosh these names are almost as cool as the colors inside. Take a look at this one below:

Finally we will wrap it up with a purple. Because lets face it, when does purple actually ever go out of style? The deep and passionate purple that will look best for the season is OPI’s “Siberian Nights.” Be careful, this color is known to get girls into trouble so PLEASE handle with care when at social events.

And ladies, there it is. Falls best colors. Now the most difficult part… deciding which to try first.

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