Ladies Fall Style Goes 1950s Gentlemen Chic

How does she do it? Pulling off fall’s latest fashion inspired by1950s British menswear is not easy! While Madonna may be able to pull off the newest trend some of us need a little extra feminine flair to boost our confidence and maintain our charm. Very subtle additions to a three piece men’s suit can make all the difference! Instead of wearing a structured button up, why not wear a frilly top that features just a few ruffles right at the neck line. Or, you can add some accessories like pearl earrings to match the 1950s style.

Of course, having well manicured nails could also add to your “dapper dame” style. Try to stay with neutral colors as most menswear for women comes in shades of blues, greys and browns. OPI’s Kyoto Pearl may have just the right shine and transparency. With your look established you are sure to catch people’s eyes! Wearing structured suits can feel empowering and can boost your confidence. If you have a meeting or presentation at work coming up, this fall fashion may be just what you are looking for!

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