Pinkies featured on BellaSugar!

It’s true!  Pinkies was featured on the adorable beauty blog Bella came into Pinkies one afternoon to try out our newest addition to the Pinkies family; Shellac,  and after much anticipation, the video was finally released this week!

Bella was a very sweet girl, not to mention her camera guy wasn’t too hard on the eyes either.  Aha! Jokes aside, having them in was a blast.  Although Trisha was very nervous to be on film, she handled it like a pro and did an excellent job representing Pinkies.  Thanks Trisha!

And as it turns out, her manicure did last a full 14 days without but one minor chip on the front of the nail, barely noticeable!  Here are some pictures we managed to sneak around and snap while they were taping.   Thanks again Bella for choosing Pinkies to try out Shellac!

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