Frame Your Face

Your eyebrows frame your face, so make sure to give them the attention they deserve.  The shape of your brow has a huge effect on how your face looks, so make sure you get that perfect arch with one of our expert aestheticians.  Whether you just need to get rid of some stray hairs or need some shaping, our techs can help.  Have something specific in mind? Bring in a picture and we will help you achieve your eyebrow goals!

Need some guidance? Here are our current favorite brow trends:

The Bigger the Better (think Lilly Collins) – Ladies blessed with full brows are letting them flourish, with some expert upkeep, of course. Embrace this trend by only waxing stray hairs above, below and between the brows to keep this look groomed instead of wild.

The Straight Arrow (think Natalie Portman) – A dropped arch can look demure and modern… and may even offer a youthful lift.  This trend is by no means new…Aubrey Hepburn had her signature brows shaped this way during the height of her career.

The Glam Arch (think Kylie Jenner) – A combination of a classic arch and a full brow, this trend demands constant upkeep (and an eyebrow pencil).  Get that perfect arch with us, then head over to youtube to get tips on how to play up your brows with pencils and highlighters!

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